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Rice DB imports dual-targeting scores from "ATP" — an ambiguous-targeting predictor and outputs the score as a percentage. Scores above 50% imply ambiguous targeting and can be searched in Rice DB as either mitochondrial or plastid. Scores at or below 50% have low likelihood of ambiguous targeting, but no conclusion is drawn about which specific location is targeted — these results are unsearchable. From their website:

“This SVM-tool tests whether the first 70 amino acids of a plant protein sequence are likely to encode an ambiguous mt/pt targeting signal. If so, the mature protein might be dually targeted to mitochondria and plastids. The score interval ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, the higher the score, the more reliable it is.”


Mitschke J., Fuss J., Blum T., Hglund A., Reski R., Kohlbacher O., Rensing S.A. (2009): Prediction of dual protein targeting to plant organelles. New Phytol. epub Apr 7th

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
  • Can search either for mitochondria or plastid in 'atp' for dual-targeted loci.
  • Dual-targeting scores are shown as percentages in 'atp' column.
Example: show ATP for LOC_Os02g07760.1

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