ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Energy Biology

Pre-release edition

Rice DB maps Array Probe Set IDs to BLAST-matched MSU LOC IDs imported from the Rice Oligonucleitide Array Database.


Jung KH, Dardick C, Bartley LE, Cao P, Phetsom J, Canlas P, Seo YS, Shultz M, Ouyang S, Yuan Q, Frank BC, Ly E, Zheng L, Jia Y, Hsia AP, An K, Chou HH, Rocke D, Lee GC, Schnable PS, An G, Buell CR, Ronald PC. Refinement of light-responsive transcript lists using rice oligonucleotide arrays: evaluation of gene-redundancy. PLoS ONE, 3(10):e3337, 2008.

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
  • Array Probe Set IDs are recognised as valid identifiers.
  • Array Probe Set IDs are shown in Flatfile pages and ID popups.
  • Affymetrix Probe Set IDs can be shown in spreadsheet results.

System Information