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Rice DB imports Arabidopsis thaliana sequence orthology scores from Gramene.


Liang C, Jaiswal P, Hebbard C, Avraham S, Buckler ES, Casstevens T, Hurwitz B, McCouch S, Ni J, Pujar A, Ravenscroft D, Ren L, Spooner W, Tecle I, Thomason J, Tung CW, Wei X, Yap I, Youens-Clark K, Ware D, Stein L. Gramene: a growing plant comparative genomics resource. Nucleic Acids Res. 36(Database issue):D947-53, Jan 2008.

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
  • You can search for Arabidopsis thaliana AGI-style At identifiers in Gramene Rice orthology.
  • Drop-down orthologous genes are available in summary results.
  • Gramene orthology scores can be shown in search results.
  • Rice loci can be joined side-by-side with orthologous genes via Gramene.
  • Flat file info pages show orthologues from Gramene.
Example: show Gramene orthology for LOC_Os02g06480.1, LOC_Os08g06060.1, Q5VQF5
Example: AT2G42960.1
Example: AT5G58180.2
Example: find Gramene orthology for LOC_Os01g64650.1
Example: find Gramene orthology with AT5G58180.2
Example: find Gramene orthology for AT5G58180.2

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