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Rice DB imports InterPro protein families, domains and functional sites from MSU's official InterProScan results. From the European Bioinformatics Institute website:

InterPro is an integrated database of predictive protein signatures used for the classification and automatic annotation of proteins and genomes. InterPro classifies sequences at superfamily, family and subfamily levels, predicting the occurrence of functional domains, repeats and important sites.

In addition to InterPro's protein signature database, InterProScan integrates automated classification systems. In particular methods involving hidden Markov models (HMMs) via HMMER are included in Rice DB's InterPro import, for example Pfam. See

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
  • Search for InterPro IDs matched to Rice loci.
  • Search for InterPro names.
  • Show InterPro IDs and names (aka descriptions): many-to-many relationship with rice loci.
Example: IPR017441
Example: show InterPro for LOC_Os01g01030.1

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