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For each MSU locus, the corresponding Arabidopsis thaliana loci from orthology databases are reported, along with a percentage score, and columns of data for comparison with rice.

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
  • Users can search for At TAIR identifiers (AGIs) to find orthologous Rice loci.
  • Dropdown orthology can be viewed in Rice search results.
  • A spreadsheet of orthology can be obtained with "orthology summary". It shows the corresponding Arabidopsis loci, database scores, and comparable information for each rice locus.
Example: view ortholog summary for LOC_Os05g43480.1
Example: show orthology summaries for LOC_Os02g06480.1, LOC_Os08g06060.1, Q5VQF5


  Total Exclusive Common
InParanoid 17899 6056 11843
Gramene 31188 19345 11843
Either 37244


Arabidopsis thaliana:

Please note: While orthology reflects sequence homology conservation between Arabidopsis and rice, and ‘expressology’ involves both orthology and conserved expression, tissue equivalency determination is not always exact and can be difficult to establish between different species (as outlined in Patel et al., 2012). Thus, it is important to note this before assuming a direct conserved functional relationship between orthologues or expressologs.


MSU RGAP Putative Function Annotationstransmembrane nine 1
TAIR Model SequencesDNA 4776 bp; Upstream 1000 bp; CDS 1770 bp; Peptide 589 aa
RNA Tissue Data73 of 73
Developmental ExpressionSilique, Seed, Germination, Seedling, Leaf, Stem, Root, Flower
Stress ExpressionControl, Drought, Salt, Cold, Heat
Experimentally Shown Motifs
Predicted Locationsextracellular + 2 more from 4 preds
Experimentally Shown Locationsgolgi + 1 more from 3 refs
Experimentally Shown Phenotypes
ExpressologsLOC_Os02g34690 + 2 more

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