ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Energy Biology

Pre-release edition

Rice DB includes the following Gene Identifiers downloaded from Oryzabase:

  • KOME clone IDs
  • KOME clone names
  • Genome Protein Accession
  • Genome Protein Accession GI
  • Genome Nucleotide Accession
  • Genome Nucleotide Accession GI
  • RefSeq RNA Accession
  • RefSeq RNA Accession GI
  • RefSeq Gene PEP Accession
  • RefSeq Gene PEP Accession GI
  • RefSeq Gene DNA Accession
  • RefSeq Gene DNA Accession GI
  • SwissProtID
  • SwissProtName

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
  • Can search for gene identifiers present in Oryzabase 2009.
  • Gene identifiers are shown in flatfile data.
Example: 101674
Example: 001031D03
Example: 115461545
Example: NC_008397.1
Example: NM_001058548.1
Example: NP_001052013.1

System Information

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