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Predotar 1.03 estimates the probability that an amino acid sequence contains a mitochondrial, plastid or ER targeting sequence. It nominates one predicted location, or none, for each sequence. Rice DB shows the nominated prediction and its corresponding probability as a percentage. See Interpreting the results. Example:

Rice Peptide for PredotarMitochondrial ResultPlastid ResultER ResultElsewhere ResultPredotar PredictionRice DB LocationRice DB Score (%)
LOC_Os01g25150.10.390.330.030.40possibly mitochondrialpossibly mitochondrial39


Small I, Peeters N, Legeai F, Lurin C. (2004) Predotar: A tool for rapidly screening proteomes for N-terminal targeting sequences. Proteomics, 4(6): 1581-90.



Example: show Predotar for LOC_Os02g07760.1

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