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Rice DB offers a concise summary of data for each locus. This summary is shown for all simple searches (plain IDs or full-text queries). In columnar output, summaries can be expanded into detailed flat files by clicking the magnifier icon.

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
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  • Summaries are the default output format for search results.
  • Flat file info pages begin with summaries.
Example: LOC_Os02g07760.1
Example: show summary for BAF03649.1
Example: show summary for LOC_Os05g23720.1
Example: show summary for LOC_Os01g01050.1


Alternative IdentifiersIDS46
MSU RGAP Putative Function AnnotationsANNOTATIONSubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase... [v7]
MSU RGAP Model SequencesMODEL_SEQUENCESDNA 5780 bp; Upstream 1003 bp; CDS 1935 bp; Peptide 644 aa
RNA Tissue DataTISSUES41 of 41
Developmental ExpressionEXPRESSED_INSeed, Germination, Seedling, Germination (N), Seedling (N), Seedling (A/N switches), Leaf, Root, Flower
Stress ExpressionSTRESS_EXPRESSIONControl (D,S,C), Drought, Salt, Cold, Control (H), Heat
Experimentally Shown MotifsEXP_SHOWN_MOTIFS35 upstream DNA binding motif names
Predicted LocationsPREDICTED_LOCATIONSchloroplast + 4 more from 9 preds
Experimentally Shown LocationsEXP_SHOWN_LOCS
Experimentally Shown PhenotypesEXP_SHOWN_PHENOS
OrthologyORTHOLOGYGramene 1; InParanoid 1 At + 0 Os

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