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WoLFPSort provides predictions for all protein sequences and scores them according to their number of similar 'nearest neighbours' (annotated feature sequences). It assigns a fractional score from 0 to 14, which we scale to the comparison range (0-100%). WoLFPSort's documentation is available at the WoLFPSort website.

WoLFPSort is rare among predictors in that it attempts to predict dual localisation. The incidence of prediction is very low and not accommodated by most databases. In Rice DB, results are mapped to the literal first location listed by WoLFPSort, for example "chlo_mito" is mapped as "chloroplast".

Rice DB normalises the vocabulary as follows:

NB. The WoLF PSORT prediction software package 0.2 (Sept 2006), used to generate these predictions, can occasionally give different results than the WoLFPSort server. RiceDB shows the software output:


Paul Horton, Keun-Joon Park, Takeshi Obayashi & Kenta Nakai. Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction with WoLF PSORT, Proceedings of the 4th Annual Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference APBC06, Taipei, Taiwan. pp. 39-48, 2006.



Example: show WoLFPSort for LOC_Os02g07760.1

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