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Rice DB imports validated Rice micro RNA (miRNA) target data from the Meyers lab Next-Gen Sequence Database website at the University of Delaware.

Usage When Searching Rice DB Usage Viewing Rice DB Results
  • Search for miRNA sequences that have targets in Rice.
  • Search for miRNA gene names*.
  • Show miRNA gene names and sequences for targets in Rice.

* Only the prefix of miRNA gene names is used. For example, "osa-MIR156k'" is treated as "osa-MIR156", "osa-MIR159 2" is treated as "osa-MIR159", and "OsSBS115.2" is treated as "OsSBS115 2".

Example: osa-MIR159
Example: show miRNA for LOC_Os01g12700.1
Example: show micro RNA for LOC_Os01g12700
Example: osa-MIR444ad.2
Example: osa-MIR444ad
Example: show miRNA for LOC_Os01g13640
Example: osa-MIR167d'f'
Example: osa-MIR167
Example: show miRNA for LOC_Os04g18010
Example: OsSBS115.2
Example: show miRNA for LOC_Os03g15750 LOC_Os09g35980

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